Topic 1

The Attributes of God

In the beginning ... The Father and The Son and The Spirit were together in eternity past.

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God HimselfThe Light
Topic 2

The Attributes of The Bible

God preserved his word without error! God has maintained them [the words] in COPIES and in TRANSLATIONS, and finally it came down to us … in the English language … in the KING JAMES - Authorized Version of 1611, or any of its editions.
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The ScriptureSupernaturalPerfect Record
Topic 3

Dispensational Truth ... The Plan for the Ages

In the millennial kingdom [one thousand years] [THE MILLENNIUM] … in the times of regeneration the earth will see the return of Jewish temple offerings.
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The GardenThe CupKingdom ComeSixth HourFinished Work
Mt. CalvaryDeath Clock
Topic 4

The Law

Jesus Christ fulfilled THE LAW!
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Laws Purpose
Topic 5

Works and Dead Religion

There is something in the human nature that just naturally leans on the crutch that takes away from THE GIFT and THE GRACE of God. This crutch is best described as the WORKS SALVATION SYNDROME. Man [who is innately religious by nature] wants to handle religious things his own religious inventive ways … which always involves an EFFORT in his GOOD WORKS.
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The UproarBlindedThe Cloke
Topic 6

Salvation In This Age ... Grace Through Faith

Two thousand years ago a locomotive with one car begins to load up at the station with those who wish to find passage to their chosen destination. These are the passengers! They have heard the voice of the conductor yell: all aboard! They line up and get on aboard. As passengers they had chosen to recognize [through faith] the power and might, yea, the very capacity of the locomotive to carry them [its human load] to the desired destination.
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Receiving JesusLiving WaterTrue WorshippersBorn To DieBread Of Life
Eternally KeptSpirit QuickensFence Straddled?Child BelieversThe Door
Corn Of WheatTill The EndThree PromisesIn It TogetherEternal Life
About The BloodPeace For You
Topic 7

The Two Resurrections

Some will hear the SON of GOD though they were dead, and yet they shall LIVE. These, that will hear, will have a part in the first resurrection. Some though they hear not, will nevertheless, come forth to a resurrection for eternal damnation. This brings us to the point of confusion for so many in this day, because of the traditional view of the resurrection, as described in the great confessions of the faith, as only being ONE resurrection [GENERAL].
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Topic 8

Stumbling Blocks and Unbelief

This is our problem too!! UNBELIEF! Though, you and I were Jesus’ neighbors … though you and I were HIS kin; it would be no different. There are some things that are always the same.  It was a HEART PROBLEM! . It’s a UNIVERSAL thing. It affects all of us! Unbelief will kill you. It’s DEATH in the pot! You and I got it … when we were born of human parents!
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Topic 9

The Seven Baptisms ... and The One Baptism

In Ephesians chapter four, verse 5 we have: “One Lord, one faith, one baptism,"    ONE BAPTISM!
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Topic 10

Signs, Wonders and Miracles

The last century has been a time of spiritual declension. This has been a time of the clouding over of the eyes. No longer can we understand the basic differences between the Jew and Gentiles (the Greek). "For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom." When you get right down to it, there are two groups of people on this earth. "THE BOOK" shows that.
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  LazarusDead Came ForthWorks for SignsJesus RaisedThe Supernatural
  S - Intervention
Topic 11

Heaven, Hell and Paradise

Here are some questions for you. Can you answer them? “Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended? who hath gathered the wind in his fists? who hath bound the waters in a garment? who hath established all the ends of the earth? what is his name, and what is his son's name, if thou canst tell?”
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Topic 12

New Testament Mysteries

Men have miserably failed the course, and have gotten a grade of “F”. The mysteries of God the Father, and The Son … Jesus Christ, can only be acknowledged by those who are in Christ.
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  Kingdom DelayedFriends of SonWarfare?
Topic 13

The Enemies of Righteousness

We will all suffer when the wrong people are in charge. When the wicked are in the high places of authority in a nation or in a land, the average person will suffer and groan UNDER the load. [Proverbs 29:2] “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”
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AccusationsOld Men
Topic 14

Satan - The Devil - The god of This World

Everybody meets in the garden! GOD [that is, Jesus Christ], mankind and the Devil met in the garden! It is a truth that not all the meetings in the garden bode well.
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Devil KnowsAccuser Brethren
Topic 15

Grace and Growing In Grace As A Believer In Jesus Christ

The believers in Jesus Christ are “kept” in Christ Jesus. They are “kept” not by any fence erected by any man [by works], nor by any walls of our own making [by works]. We can not keep ourselves from being lost [SELF WILL]. We are “kept” by someone else. This someone else is SUPERNATURAL. No amount of human will power can keep us SAVED. Now what follows is a KEY verse in the Bible to explain an operation of the HOLY GHOST in this present age of GRACE … the CHURCH AGE!
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For Glory of GodThe AmbassadorMy BuryingServant MasterProof In Pudding
Father’s HouseThe ComforterThe FruitSufferingsI Kept Them
Topic 16

The Millennial KINGDOM of HEAVEN

The KINGDOM that Jesus Christ will be KING over is the very kingdom that is referred to in the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew chapter six: “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” [Matthew 6:10] This is when the will of Jesus Christ will be “done in earth.”
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Topic 17

Marriage & Divorce

Brethren we are the believers in Jesus Christ who are living near the end of the CHURCH AGE just before the translation of the all the church age saints. The Scripture has said this would be a time of apostasy. This is the apostasy that is running rampant in the churches today. Our marriages and homes are under attack like never before. Divorces and broken homes are all over the land. This is because our nation has divorced God, and God therefore, is bringing us into JUDGMENT.
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Topic 18


Now, the Bible is very careful and very exact in showing us that there are two kinds of creatures that either inhabit this earth or visit this earth all the time. What are these two kinds of creatures? These two groups or kinds of creatures are angels and men
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Topic 19

Servants - Leader - Ambassadors - Witnessing

Now what do I mean by this term: servant-master? Let me explain. Our beginning as a nation [The United States] was characterized with just such leadership [the servant-master leadership]. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson were servant-masters. Amen!  That was true then [when our leaders were servant-masters] in our beginning as a nation.
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Topic 20

John The Baptist

There is as much confusion over who he is, as there is controversy concerning his manner of speech and his rough appearance. John's rough appearance is strangely shown as identical to the man in 2 Kings 1:7-8.
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Topic 21


It’s not my intention to delve into all the tenets of John Calvin concerning salvation [The TULIP]. My attention [at this time] is drawn to one tenet. This is the diabolic notion of a “limited atonement”.  If only John Calvin BELIEVED the BOOK and WHAT the BOOK said, concerning the word “world”, and WHERE the BOOK said it: [CONTEXT] in John 3:16.
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Topic 22


One who denies the doctrine of the trinity, and ascribes divinity to God the Father only. The Arian and Socinian are both comprehended in the term Unitarian. The Jehovah Witnesses are the modern day Arians who deny Jesus Christ’s deity. They deny that Jesus Christ IS JEHOVAH! The Arian heresy claims that Jesus Christ is a created god.
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Topic 23


The Roman Catholic Church teaches this “eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood” is [LITERAL], that is, they teach that this means eating the very flesh, and drinking the very blood of Jesus Christ through the Catholic MASS performed each week. ERROR! In spite of the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church these verses do not mean we need to literally eat the body or the flesh of Jesus Christ. [Leviticus 3:17]
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Topic 24

The Warning of Idolatry!

The Cross today has become for the multitudes … an idol. The crosses abound everywhere, in the churches, in the homes, in the dashboards of our cars, and even in the necklaces around the necks; and are worshipped, even as Israel worshipped [by burning incense to the brasen serpent].
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